1945 vouched the remarkable union of four brothers, Haushilalbhai, Babulalbhai, Pranlalbhai and Jayantilalbhai Shah, who together started the work of dyeing clothes near ‘Kanyashala’ in Pune. The four brothers took an initiative of printing and dyeing the clothes of Yerawada Jail and slowly expanded their customer circle outside the city of Pune. Being into the Transport business earlier they first tried their hands at manufacturing cotton and nylon taadpatri bags in 1956 in their second shop in the city area. In 1958 the four brothers started their business in Sadashiv Peth. But it was only in 1965 that they started manufacturing different types of bags in their new shop at SadashivPeth along with their dyeing and printing job.Later in 1981 their sons, PradipPranalal Shah, GirishJayantilal Shah and MilindJayantilal Shah joined the family business and helped their ancestors.
In 1991 Girish Shah and Milind Shah, the sons of Jayantilalbhai took the crawling baby by their hands completely and decided to expand the business. These two then became the whole and sole proprietors of the company. It was then when they approached big companies for various orders and their first customers where Atlas Copco, Bajaj, Bharat Forge and Alfa Laval. These bags were not just sturdy but also catered to the demands of the customers cost effective and polished. They believed only and only quality products attract customers and this made them establish long term relations with all their customers. Value for money is what people strive for. There was no looking back after this.
Two generations later RD is now a brand in Pune. Kushal, the son of Girish Jayantilal Shah and Prathamesh, the son of Milind Jayantilal Shah aim towards bridging the gap between brand and people.They changed the face of the products in Ramesh Dyeing. There was a shift from local to branded products. Kushal Shah introduced all branded products in their shop and the sell increased with an increase in demand. He strived towards bringing exemplary products into market and Ramesh Dyeing then became a one stop shop for all branded products like Wildcraft, Skybag, VIP, Monte-Carlo, Quechua, American Tourister and many more. Attractive designs and patterns, neon colours, light-weight products with international warranty were then available for all the customers in all the shops. Change being the only constant, with a change in the demand came a change in the supply.
Catering to the demand of the iTians, Ramesh Dyeing started providing all the necessary abroad products under one roof, right from thermals, minus temperature abroad coats to TSA locks and adaptors.
Ramesh dyeing is now a shop were one can get all seasonal wear products under one roof. Be it raincoats, umbrellas, jackets, sweatshirts, swimming costume, thermal wear, or school bags, laptop bags and trolleys bags one can get branded as well in-house manufactured products at an extremely affordable price in Ramesh Dyeing. The in-house manufactured products are not just cost effective but also of the same quality as the branded products. Customer satisfaction and after sell service is the major concern of this company.
They extend their heartfelt gratitude to all their managers, workers and helpers for their tireless contribution and efforts. Today Ramesh dyeing has 9 branches all over Pune in various areas of the city like Kothrud (since 2001), Sinhagad-road (since 2002), Hadapsar (since 2006), Aundh (since 2009), Satara-Road (since 2012), Deccan (since 2013), Chinchwad (since 2017), Kharadi (since 2018), and one in Sadashiv Peth (1958), which is the biggest store in Pune. Computerized billing system and maintenance of stock on one server enables them to analyze the market and produce products according to the requirements of the customers and make them available as quickly as possible. Advancement in the technologies has eased the business today and helps them keep up the pace.
Ramesh Dyeing believes in mankind and humanity as the biggest religion on this earth and are therefore involved in social services. They believe, ‘What goes around comes around’. They make it a point to contribute to the society in all the ways possible. The money that they earn from the society is returned in the form of charity and social work. They distribute caps, bags, pouches, ponchos to 40 schools across Maharashtra and to the Varkaris during the Palkhi time free of cost.
With the increasing trend of online shopping, Ramesh dyeing has also put its baby steps into the online shopping market. They plan to soon come up with a mobile application on which customers from all over India can buy their products online and their aim is to reach out to the customers from all over the world slowly.
Be it abroad or in India, one cannot travel anywhere without a single visit to the Ramesh Dyeing store. Start your journey with Ramesh Dyeing every season: The one and only one-stop shop for all the seasonal wear products.